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We are excited to announce a brand new experience for all FarmBuilders!  Starting in the month of March 2024, we will be offering FarmBuilder Live which is a weekly live call with Jordan & Laura Green.  These will be 1 hour in length and can be joined by video or phone.  If you are not able to make the live call, it will be recorded and posted for later viewing.  These live calls will have a weekly topic and plenty of time for Q&A to get all of your particular farming questions answered by experienced farmers.  

When we started our farm, almost 15 years ago (August 2009), we jumped into full time farming with no backstop.  We chose to risk it all for the dream we were chasing and that dream was to have a sustainable farm that was a business and not just a hobby.  We quit our “real jobs” and dug in deep to pull this farm business off the ground.  Over the years, we had plenty of conversations about quitting, closing up shop because we were in burn out.  However, as we stayed with it, we found helpful tools, education, experience, and momentum.   Today, we find ourselves with a sustainable farm, that we have organically grown from the ground up and proud of it.  We know that if you allow it, building a farm business can feel isolating with the magnitude of work and problems that we face.  Many farmers are not in connection with other farmers on a regular basis.  It can be a very large mountain to overcome on your own and sometimes the learning curves can be large enough that it costs your business or emotionally wears you down that you throw up your arms and say “I quit”.  If farming is your dream, then stay put!  We need more farmers in our world growing healthy sustainable food for all of us!  The reason you got into it to begin with is because you believe in impacting our communities and ultimately the world with sustainable agriculture.  Let’s do this together!  We invite you to join a community of other like minded entrepreneurial farmers who are all working to build their business like you.  Not only can your questions be answered by us, but you will feel inspired to keep moving forward and find solutions to every problem you are facing!

Topics and Things To Expect:

  • Ideas that bring innovation
  • Streamlined processes that brings efficiency to your processes
  • Encouragement
  • Solutions for improvement
  • Experience
  • Community of like minded entrepreneurs
  • Belonging
  • Growth in Sales
  • Animal Management
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Sales Growth
  • Landlord Relationships & leases
  • Finances
  • Spouse Partnerships
  • Movement in your business
  • Connections
  • And so much more

    Weekly Call Format:  The weekly call will be held on a video platform where you are able to call in by phone, or join by video with a link. This will open with a brief talk from Jordan, Laura and maybe a guest or two on a relevant topic to farming, family and business. The balance of the time will be engaging with the community in Q&A and discussing the issues you face growing your farm.

    Monthly Subscription:  This is a monthly subscription that will automatically renew on the same date you first signed up.  You can cancel your membership at any time, with no obligations or hassle.

    Money Back Guarantee:  If, for any reason at all, you're not satisfied with the subscription, just email us at and we will issue a full refund within 14 days of sign-up.