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FarmBuilder is a consulting and teaching service for designing and operating pasture based livestock systems at a scale supporting full time income.




The founder of FarmBuilder (2017 – current), co-owner of J & L Green Farm in Edinburg, Virginia (2009 – current), a United States Marine Corps veteran (2004-2009) and graduate of the apprentice program at Polyface Inc. (2001-2002). Prior to that, he grew up on his family’s homestead in Virginia and had several successful small farm enterprises.



A Creative Problem Solver and Relationship Marketing Enthusiast.

Laura is an experienced and innovative problem solver with a passion for relationship marketing. She has played a crucial role in building J&L Green Farm into a flourishing sustainable business alongside her husband, Jordan. As Head of Retail Operations, Laura has helped the farm grow every year. She offers marketing consulting and is earning her certification in wholistic wellness coaching.



Agriculture is existing on borrowed soil, water and time. We produce plenty but are exhausting the ability to continue. The root cause of the matter is the conventional paradigm of farming is not replenishing the resource base and we are now on the down side of these resources. We feed billions but the consequences of the progressive industrialization of conventional farming has resulted in the evolution of viruses that could kill millions, breeding of superbugs that are destroying crops and habitat, desertification & topsoil loss, loss of genetic diversity, and aquifer depletion. All, strains on the components for a healthy and holistic environment needed to farm. Not only are conventional systems built on resource extraction, they have become a disconnected and broken system.


It is harder than ever to farm if you don’t have land or piles of cash. The current agricultural model is debt heavy, ecologically unsustainable and barely economically viable. There is a different way.


The USA needs tens of thousands new farmers every year to replace a retiring generation and build new infrastructure. There is a great need. Even though we are in the golden age of science and technology; the answer might not be turning all the way to technology, but rather adopting and utilizing the natural order of nature in our farming process. There is void in accurate knowledge, demonstrated low input systems, leadership, and the fundamentals of running the farming business from the ground up that FarmBuilder aims to fill.


To empower regenerative farm entrepreneurs to build their own successful farms. FarmBuilder’s focus is on entrepreneurship over artisanship. We do this through instruction and counsel in proven farming methods, to equip them with the proper tools to Plan their enterprises, to Build efficient systems and to Grow pasture based enterprises to scale.