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Our mission is taking pasture based livestock systems to scale supporting realistic incomes. Our goal is to give you the tools, resources and expertise to successfully build your own farm. Together, we build.


Our goal is the give you tools & resources to help yourself. Doing is the best teacher. If you need experienced help with the process or simply another outsider look at what you are doing here is our process for services we charge for.

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Farrow to Finish & Marketing Pig School Reviews!

It was fantastic. Just to learn and see all of the pork operation from farrow to finish on pasture all done to scale and to profitability kinda changed my paradigm.
I realized that just 4 hours into the pig school on the first day, I had learned enough to make the entire investment including travel and everything worthwhile.
I learned a system of production that can scale something from being very small to hundreds of pigs per month without a massive investment of capital.


The founder of FarmBuilder (2017 – current), co-owner of J & L Green Farm in Edinburg, Virginia (2009 – current), a United States Marine Corps veteran (2004-2009) and graduate of the apprentice program at Polyface Inc. (2001-2002). Prior to that, he grew up on his family’s homestead in Virginia and had several successful small farm enterprises.