Build a Farm –  Executing the Plan


Building an enterprise, a business or the fences & posts of a physical farm is a lot of work! We encourage everyone considering a business in farming to spend as much time learning and planning before spending that first dollar. If you are just starting out or considering this, check out plan a farm page.

With a good plan in hand, an idea of direction, and a goal in sight it is time to move to the actual work of BUILDING a farm. Once the specifics of location, resources and skills are identified you can begin to BUILD.

Our process of assisting our clients with BUILD is an assessment of the farm itself, the enterprises desired and the resources available. Every farm and situation is different and we dedicate ourselves to knowing your context before starting. We assist our clients through the process with knowledge drawn from real life experience, virtual guidance, and on site training/execution.

FarmBuilder Methodology

We break this down into four components and walk our clients through the process of BUILD.

Enterprise – A farm is typically capable of handling multiple species of animals and each of these is called an enterprise. You identify the enterprises you are passionate about; then can we’ll help you evaluate the symbiotic compatibility with your location and other enterprises, the likely marketability of the product, and begin to design a plan around the core enterprises of your farm.

Infrastructure -Your land, buildings, critical systems, and access are the unseen backbone of operation. What are you wanting to do with a particular piece of ground? What is the situation of the ground is already?When walking through each enterprise operation you need to consider complementary enterprises to ensure multi-species compatibility. By taking an overarching perspective you will build efficiencies directly into your operations. A good infrastructure setup from a holistic context will accomplish this for you.

Farm Management – This is all about understanding the proper sequencing of your enterprises for maximum efficiency, delivering your products in a timely manner for your market, managing your people and resources to run a successful regenerative farming business. Farm management will be one of the most challenging areas for the new farmer to mold a correct balance to the unique context as there are many moving pieces to master.

Execution – Begins with project sequencing. After you have identified your enterprise(s). FarmBuilder is here to help you move through the stages of enterprise, put the proper supporting infrastructure in place, introduce species, market timing, and marketing to sell.

About FarmBuilder
Plan. Build. Grow. Our mission is taking pasture based livestock systems to scale supporting realistic incomes. Our goal is to give you the tools, resources and expertise to successfully build your own farm. Together, we build.

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